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Emilie - Hi Marissa!

You are truly such an inspiration to me! I have been pursuing photography for about 3 years now, and am just starting to poke my foot into the business aspect of it. I have done a total of 2 paid shoots in my entire life, and as I am getting more requests to do senior pictures I am feeling a bit over my head. For that reason I started researching senior pictures to try and find some inspiration- which led me to you. I have been poring over you blog and portfolio for the past half hour and I am in complete amazement! I love how you include professionally done makeup with your photo-shoot experience, and I am sure it makes the girls feel 100% more beautiful and confident! Also, your editing techniques have me baffled. The matte affect and soft colors are stunningly beautiful- one I have been trying to master for a very long time, yet you make it look effortless!
I am sure I will be studying your blog for the next hour as well, but I just wanted to let you know how beautiful and unique your work is. Thumbs up!!

your biggest fan,

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