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Hemlock Senior Photographer | Cassondra Sneak Peek

Cassondra is a senior at Hemlock High School, class of 2013.  Her easygoing personality made the session go by so quickly.   She is contagiously sweet and outgoing… You can’t not love her! And it was impossible to not to enjoy the photo shoot!  This softball jock brought some serious glam to her session…her outfits and jewelry were to die for! P.S. We got through five different outfits/looks… FIVE!  From the salon, through almost 2.5 hours of shooting (that’s a good 4 hours total!) she was an exceptional subject.  I got to document the whole process of hair and make up, and made an amazing before and after that is now featured in my Senior Magazine that any inquiring clients will get to flip through!  I seriously could have photographed this girl for another couple of hours… we just literally ran out of daylight and had to stop.  ):   I have some great stuff in store for her at her ordering/viewing session (ahem… rep cards… *cough… video/slideshow… *cough).   Anyway, give Cassondra some love here and on Facebook!

I will be doing her session share later this week once she’s had a chance to see all the images… until then… Her Sneak Peek!



Hemlock Senior Photographer | Lauren’s Sneak Peek

This is just the first image that I shot, and then the first I edited from my most recent session.  I shot it on Tuesday, and I’m actually already finished editing her entire session!  I can’t share everything yet as she hasn’t seen them, being that she’s away at a camp for Cross Country.  I can’t wait to share them with you! Until then, a peek at her session…

This is only the beginning!!

Picture Play

Check out Whitney!  She is gorgeous and was so easy to photograph.  Somehow, I just passed over this image of her during my initial post processing… I do not know how!  I couldn’t wait until Tuesday (what I’ve decided will be my official picture play day!) to share this!  I love shooting… but my goodness I LOVE post processing/editing/retouching… whatever you call it, it’s one of my favorite parts.  It’s so amazing to see a really good image became a really great image.  I always flip from the before and after to see the difference, and this one really came alive on the finished image, so I had to share!

I’m really LOVING working with senior girls, and am offering some great exclusive things for these sessions only!  If you’d like to do a senior session with me just send me a quick message through the contact link above.  Or email me at

Tri-Cities Senior Photographer | Senior Before and After

Oh the wonders of post processing! This image is one of my favorites that I captured at Amanda Holloway‘s Kitchen Sink Workshop.  It was cloudy and threatening rain while I was shooting this gorgeous senior, and when the clouds moved and the sun came out again for a minute I wanted to take advantage… Only I forgot to adjust my settings and my shot was too bright in camera, and my color was off.  A lot of classes and practicing has made it possible for me (and thanks to shooting in RAW :)) to save this image.  And with a few adjustments, it is definitely on top of my list of faves. <3