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Picture Play

Check out Whitney!  She is gorgeous and was so easy to photograph.  Somehow, I just passed over this image of her during my initial post processing… I do not know how!  I couldn’t wait until Tuesday (what I’ve decided will be my official picture play day!) to share this!  I love shooting… but my goodness I LOVE post processing/editing/retouching… whatever you call it, it’s one of my favorite parts.  It’s so amazing to see a really good image became a really great image.  I always flip from the before and after to see the difference, and this one really came alive on the finished image, so I had to share!

I’m really LOVING working with senior girls, and am offering some great exclusive things for these sessions only!  If you’d like to do a senior session with me just send me a quick message through the contact link above.  Or email me at

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